Study Permit

International students in Canada are in an excellent position to develop their career in Canada and stay permanently. The decision you have already made to study in Canada places you in a unique position.
As an international student, you can take full advantage of the opportunities offered by Canada.
• Work while studying
• Bring family members to join you in Canada
• Obtain a Post-Graduation Work Permit upon graduation
• Gain invaluable Canadian work experience
• Discover your pathway to permanent residence
• Secure permanent resident status, and ultimately Canadian citizenship
Where and what to study, how to apply for schools and the list of schools that can receive students in Canada.
• Choosing a program and school
o Primary and secondary schools
o Post-secondary schools
o Language schools
 Studying in French
• Designated learning institutions
• How to apply to a school, college or university
o Health insurance
Once you choose a school, college or university, you must apply to go there. Every school has different rules on how to apply.
Make sure you apply at least:
• six months in advance if you want to study at a primary or secondary school,
• a year in advance for a post-secondary program at a university, college, etc.
Contact the school where you want to study to learn how to apply. They will give you the list of all the documents you need to send them. Your school will be able to tell you about:
• the cost to apply
• tuition fees
• health insurance
• rent and how much it costs to live in Canada
• language tests.
Fill out the application forms for the school or schools of your choice. Follow their instructions to submit them.
If the school admits you as a student, they will send you an acceptance letter. You need this letter to apply for a study permit.

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